Cashmere is a wonderful fibre to own and with correct care the luxurious feel of cashmere improves with time. Once  a  knitted  garment is  washed,  the strands "open" and  get fuller and softer. The  more  you wear it, the softer it becomes.

People think  that  caring for  cashmere is  not easy and it’s costly, but  SEMON  Cashmere knitwear is  easy to look after and they are machine washable!
No need to spend money on dry cleaning. Washing is healthier than dry cleaning which involves toxic chemicals.
Cashmere needs moisture and conditioning.

  - Hand wash or machine wash on silk or delicates cycle. 
  Any fabric softener like Woolite and Lenor can be used if you'd like your garment softer. 
IF you don't want your cashmere to get any softer, you can just use normal Non-bio laundry detergent.
  Put lacy light weight styles in a laundry mesh bag to prevent stretch.
  Washing in hot or warm water with fast spinning makes cashmere shrink.

- Do not bleach or tumble dry

- Once dried, steam ironing (on wool setting) is highly recommended to make your garment nicely shaped and neat as new! 
Steam generator irons are the best options, they can be purchased from £54.99 in Argos or Amazon.
They give the much needed steam moisture to cashmere without any heat damage.
The extra steam is enough to reduce ironing by half the time it takes with a conventional steam iron. 

- If you need to  widen or lengthen certain parts of your garment just pull that part evenly as required and steam iron at the same time. It’s best to lay the garment  completely flat on the floor on a thick material so the amount of stretch and shape can be better controlled during steaming. Stretch ironing is a normal practise in Knitwear, so don't worry about ruining it. Knits always have a little to give in it.

- Don't store away in dark closed places for long time, moths breed in dim and dark areas! It’s best to have them more in use or keep them in bright open airy places. Even in your wardrobe is fine, as it gets opened daily.         
   - Pilling (tiny balls of fibre) is natural in new cashmere but after a few shaving they should cease to form.

Use a lint remover or fabric/clothes shaver to remove pills. They can be purchased online.
Below is the link on Ebay for a good shaver, it takes 2-3 weeks to arrive: